Monday, 19 November 2018

2nd AIIM Meet - Who Can Attend The Conference And What Are The Benefits?

ARC International Fertility & Research Centre proudly conducts 2nd AIIM conference on 24th & 25th Nov 2018 at ITC Grand Chola Chennai. Over 40 International & National faculties are anticipated to attend the occasion.



This 2nd ARC International Infertility Meet Chennai ardently works out to harmonize activities and share knowledge of Fertility proficient at all levels. It covers a special session on IUI/IVF lab setup, Setup, Support & Maintenance by ARC stalwarts for limited registrants, Special session on Andrology & IVF Equipments (Identification, Purchase & Maintenances), Training, Tie-up, Academics & joint businesses across the country with the ARC chain of hospitals for limited registrants. The young and blossoming Clinicians, Gynecologists & Embryologists in the Reproductive medicine field will be notably improved with the topics along with practical & evidence-based. The discussions are planned to conduct on the topic “What are current challenges in Reproductive medicine and steps to overcome it?” and it would be purposeful for the established clinicians and centres.


What are the topics covered?

Different topics related to fertility treatment in the field of both domestic and international areas are covered. The Key topics are
  • Andrology
  • Reproductive Medicine
  • Embryology
  • Genetics
  • Hystero Lap surgeries
  • Recent advances


Who can attend the conference?

This International Infertility Meet in Tamil Nadu would immensely benefit the following concerned:
  • Practicing Gynecologists who seek more knowledge in Sub Fertility Treatments
  • Physicians who are referring patients for IVF
  • Practitioners of Fertility Treatment
  • Medical Students specializing in Gynecology
  • Nurses-Paramedical Staff  Who are involved in Fertility Treatment


The Benefit of attending the seminar:

Sequential lectures will be presented by the celebrities in Andrology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Embryology, Genetics fields. This grand event is intended to provide a precise knowledge of all kinds of fertility treatments to all the partakers.




Registration fee for Delegates:

Before 30 Oct: 5000
Before 15 Nov: 7500
Spot Registration: 10000
Registration with food and accommodation: 12500


Registration fee students:

Before 30 Oct: 2500
Before 15 Nov: 3500
Spot Registration: 5000
Registration with food and accommodation: 12500

*   Special sessions free for 1st 100 registrants only.
    Time 5-6pm on Saturday and 8am-9am on Sunday

We invite all the concerned to take part in the worthy Obstetrics and gynecology conferences Chennai, India. We are striving to expunge the word “Infertility” from every family…..

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Monday, 12 November 2018

2nd AIIM Meet On Nov 24th & 25th, 2018

ARC International Fertility Centre is all set to organise one of its biggest events, 2nd ARC International Infertility Meet. The conference will be conducted on the 24th and 25th of November, 2018 at the ITC Grand Chola Chennai. The conference will be attended by a panel of eminent guests which includes the National and International Faculties.

What is the prime objective of the seminar?


The main aim of the conference is to bring in the fertility experts under one roof so as to synergize the activities, knowledge and advancements that have taken place in the field. The think tank will be able to project out the importance of various treatments and the inclusion of new and advanced technology that can empower the existing treatments. 

Special sessions will be conducted on setting up of iui/ivf labs. Setup, Support & maintenance by ARC stalwarts for limited registrants. Sessions on Andrology & IVF Equipments ( identification, purchase & maintenances), Training, Tieup, Academics & joint businesses across the country will be conducted with ARC hospitals for limited registrants. 

We will be discussing the various challenges In reproductive medicine and how we can overcome it. 

Practical and evidence based knowledge shall be provided to level up the knowledge base of the Clinicians, Gynecologists & Embryologists who are upcoming in the field of reproductive medicine.


Topics covered in the meet are:

Every relevant topic related to infertility treatment based on both domestic and international arena shall be covered.

45 topics & 4 debatable panels  on the following:

(a) Andrology,
(b) Reproductive Medicine
(c) Embryology
(d) Genetics
(e) Hystero Lap surgeries
(f) Recent advances


Certificate of participation

A certificate of participation will be given to all the eligible participants.

Let us bring in a more hopeful world for those whose greatest desire is to beget a child of their own. Let us stand together and strengthen the field of reproductive medicine. Attend the best international infertility meet in Tamil Nadu. To know more about obstetrics and gynaecology conferences in Chennai, India, Contact us….
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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Male Infertility : Not A Cause Of Worry Anymore

One of the major concerns of all the couples nowadays is infertility. This remains a big concern due to high rate of incidence among the young couple today. And the reasons for the same might be different for the different couple. Infertility can affect both the males and females. Around 35% of the infertile couples bear causes due to male infertility, 35% due to female infertility, and 20% due to a combination of both.

AIIM and ARC discusses male-infertility and its causes in detail so as to create the perfect awareness about the situations and circumstances that can lead to the same scenario. The main aim of ARC and AIIM is to educate common people about infertility.

Male Infertility Causes

Male infertility can be caused due to different reasons out of which, the prime reasons are
  • Low sperm count
  • Abnormality in the sperm structure
  • Blockages in the vas deferens or associated paths causing infertility, even though sperms may be in good condition.
  • Injuries or ill conditions affecting the male reproductive systems
  • Lifestyle reasons which can affect the reproductive capacity
  • Hormonal variations caused due to different reasons like high intake of junk fast food, illicit steroid usages for bodybuilding, etc
  • Varicocele- the swelling of the veins on testicles
  • Undescended testicles
  • Inherited genetic problems like chromosome disorders
  • Heavy exposure to pollution

When the couple had been trying to conceive a baby through unprotected sex, for more than 1 year, it can be considered the case of infertility. There are different symptoms of male infertility. But, these may not be common for all, or general for all. Ejaculation or erection problems during intercourse, swellings on or around the testicular region are quite a few symptoms among the many.

Yes, the rate of male infertility cases are high, but there are a lot of treatment solutions that can bring out the best results further. Different infertility treatments specialised for males like the Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART), hormonal medications, treatments for sexual intercourse problems etc.

Children are the blessings of God, and we try to bring them to you with the best of its possible ways. Smile wide, for there is no need for worry!
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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Obesity And Infertility Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Being overweight and underweight can simultaneously affect the chances of getting pregnant and having a physically fit baby in your hands. Only, systematic and healthy food with regular exercises help a woman to conceive without any complications. The obesity among males also causes infertility and it decreases the sexual desire.
Pregnancy risks associated with obesity are miscarriage, gestational diabetes, cesarean birth, ,hypertension , deep vein thrombosis and infection. Of course, there are treatments to resolve the issue, but controlling obesity right from the Childhood is the best solution possible.


Effects of Obesity on Fertility


Hormonal Change

Both male and female belonging to an obese category will definitely have hormonal imbalance that lead to issues related to pregnancy. This is because the influence of natural hormones that usually helps in the process of conception fluctuates as the person becomes obese. The major cause of infertility in obese women is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).


Natural and Assisted Pregnancy becomes a Concern

Either by natural means or technologically advanced methods such as IVF, the obesity hinders the process of conception . It can be due to the hormonal issues and the production of poor quality eggs increasing the risk of miscarriage.


Insulin Resistance

Irregular menstrual cycles and anovulation occur as a result of insulin resistance.


Infertility among Men

Testosterone goes down to an insufficient level among obese men. Erectile dysfunction and low sperm count also results due to Obesity..

Obesity, irrespective of gender, can lead to infertility and even causes complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Hence, it is highly recommended to maintain an optimal weight. Visiting an Infertility specialist before planning for a baby, will also help you.

ARC and AIIM collaboratively provides awareness programs for childless people and public. Please attend the program for more details.
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Monday, 2 April 2018

Embryo Cryopreservation For IVF Procedure

In the advanced Embryo Cryopreservation technique, the sperms and embryos are frozen and thawed for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) cycles. As the frozen embryos are already available through this technique, a woman need not undergo fertility drug stimulation in order to have an embryo to transfer at the infertility treatment. When sperm is collected manually or by microsurgery, and the same is frozen for successive IVF cycles, so that any additional surgery may be avoided.

Embryo cryopreservation process:

A cell mostly contains water. When freezing the embryos, the ice is formed in and between the cells which are the main concern. Ice crystals have the ability to hurt the cell wall, harm the tiny structures inside the cell. The main goal of the freezing process is to protect the embryo. With the help of special fluids called cryoprotective agents (CPAs) protection of embryo is carried. It acts as “anti-freeze” for cells.

Slow programmable freezing and vitrification are the two methods used to freeze and preserve embryos.
  • Slow programmable freezing
The embryos are frozen slowly in stages. The cryoprotective agents are added to the embryos to increase the strength for 10-20 minutes. Then, the embryos are gradually cooled for two hours using a machine that lowers the temperature minute by minute. The frozen embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196.1° Celsius.
  • Vitrification
It is a fast freezing technique that uses cryoprotective agents at a higher strength. In this method, the embryos are mixed with the CPAs. The strong CPAs could hurt the cell. In order to prevent any damage, the embryos are quickly placed into the liquid nitrogen medium. In this process, the embryos are changed into a solid state. In this state, no ice formation happens.

Duration of Embryo preservation

Once the embryos are frozen, they are stored in a liquid nitrogen freezer. Embryos can be frozen in the liquid nitrogen medium for years together. However, some countries follow time limits to store the embryos in the frozen condition. Within 1-6 days after the embryo formation, it is frozen.

ARC and AIIM together provides awareness programs for childless people and public. Attend these programs to know more about infertility, it's causes, symptoms and treatment options.
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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Everything You Need To Know about IVF

Infertility became a common phenomenon in these days, around 1 in 6 couples are affected. 5% of the infertile couples turn to IVF to help them conceive. That means 1 in 50 babies are now born using IVF. IVF or in vitro fertilization is the joining of egg and sperm in a laboratory dish. Healthy ova and sperms are collected from the infertile couples. After the formation of the embryo, it is transferred into the uterus.

Fertility pills or hormones may be prescribed for the couples to stimulate follicle production, to stimulate the ovaries so multiple eggs can be gathered. This increases the chance of fertilization, pregnancy, and a live birth.

Causes of Infertility:

The cause of infertility may be related with woman in 40%, man in 40%, 20% resulting from a combination of both. According to the WHO, 3.9 to 16.8% of the Indian population suffers from infertility.

Male infertility causes include:

The inability of a  male to cause pregnancy in a female is referred to male infertility. Approximately 7% of all men is infertile. It is commonly due insufficiency of semen and semen quality. Small, lack of sufficient volume of ejaculate or difficulty during ejaculation, unhealthy sperms, low mobility of sperm, infections, tumors, undescended testicles are the main causes of male infertility. Hormonal imbalance and certain medications sometimes cause infertility.

Female infertility causes:

Infertility of female is the inability to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy child. After 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse, if the female is not able to get pregnant, it is considered to be female infertility. Secondary infertility is the inability of a woman to get pregnant or give birth when there was a previous live birth. Age may be a reason for infertility in woman because it naturally tends to decrease. Damage to fallopian tubes or uterus, problem with ovulation, thyroid gland problems, excess weight gain, urinary tract infections, stress, cysts and tumors in the reproductive parts, eating disorders, endometriosis, PCOS are the main reasons for female infertility.

When to consult an infertility specialist

After 12 months of conscious trying to conceive, it is better to seek medical check-up to discover the underlying cause. If you can't conceive naturally you can consider In Vitro Fertilization. IVF treatment has high success rate and it helps you to get your dreams come true. The success rate of IVF treatment depends on maternal age, causes of infertility, and lifestyle.

AIIM and ARC together provides awareness programs on infertility and it's treatment options for the childless couple and public.
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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Can Infertility Effect Mental Health ??

Infertility is an inability to conceive naturally and deliver a healthy baby. Around 10-15 % of young couples are affected by infertility and this population is increasing day by day.  Infertility creates a stress in a person life and develops many other problems, such as depression, anger, anxiety, loneliness and marital problems. Since mental health plays an important role in the cure of infertility, it is important to manage the problem.

Why infertility has linked with mental health?

Infertility has linked to the mental health of the person as parenthood is one of the important transitions of a person life and stress of not completing their wish gradually develops negative emotional changes. These emotional changes show their presence in their anger, anxiety, depression, and problems in their married life. These emotional changes develop a fear in a person’s life and they become more worried to conceive.

How infertility effect mental health of male and female?

Infertility shows a high level of distress in a couple’s life. Female has shown more severe distress than males. The feeling of incompetence and defectiveness destroy them from inside and disturb their mental peace. Couple experience marital discord, social isolation, sensory loss, low self-esteem and sexual dysfunction.

What factors influence mental health?

Mental health of an infertile person can influence by several factors.
·         The goal of the Couple’s life is shifted to only having a child.
·         Social pressure
·         Negative impact on sexual life
·         Female desire of having a child

What treatments options are available for mentally disturb people due to infertility?

Infertile couples have many options to conceive but these treatments are expensive and many times not covered by health insurance. In that case, money problem also increases their stress level and affects treatment process. Sometimes, repeated treatment also does not provide significant results and increases depression and stress in a couple’s life. It is important to provide these couples a mental peace while treating their infertility problem so that they can respond well to their infertility problem. These can provide them with
·         Maintain their positive attitude
·         Talk therapy
·         Anti-depression drugs
·         Lower their stress by making them happy
It is desirable to educate the people about infertility and lower their mental stress developed due to infertility.

ARC and AIIM collaboratively provides awareness programs for the couples who are suffering from infertility problems. To know more about the treatment options attend these awareness programs.

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2nd AIIM Meet - Who Can Attend The Conference And What Are The Benefits?

ARC International Fertility & Research Centre proudly conducts 2nd AIIM conference on 24th & 25th Nov 2018 at ITC Grand Chola Chen...