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Obesity And Infertility Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Being overweight and underweight can simultaneously affect the chances of getting pregnant and having a physically fit baby in your hands. Only, systematic and healthy food with regular exercises help a woman to conceive without any complications. The obesity among males also causes infertility and it decreases the sexual desire.
Pregnancy risks associated with obesity are miscarriage, gestational diabetes, cesarean birth, ,hypertension , deep vein thrombosis and infection. Of course, there are treatments to resolve the issue, but controlling obesity right from the Childhood is the best solution possible.


Effects of Obesity on Fertility


Hormonal Change

Both male and female belonging to an obese category will definitely have hormonal imbalance that lead to issues related to pregnancy. This is because the influence of natural hormones that usually helps in the process of conception fluctuates as the person becomes obese. The major cause of infertility in obese women is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).


Natural and Assisted Pregnancy becomes a Concern

Either by natural means or technologically advanced methods such as IVF, the obesity hinders the process of conception . It can be due to the hormonal issues and the production of poor quality eggs increasing the risk of miscarriage.


Insulin Resistance

Irregular menstrual cycles and anovulation occur as a result of insulin resistance.


Infertility among Men

Testosterone goes down to an insufficient level among obese men. Erectile dysfunction and low sperm count also results due to Obesity..

Obesity, irrespective of gender, can lead to infertility and even causes complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Hence, it is highly recommended to maintain an optimal weight. Visiting an Infertility specialist before planning for a baby, will also help you.

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