Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Male Infertility : Not A Cause Of Worry Anymore

One of the major concerns of all the couples nowadays is infertility. This remains a big concern due to high rate of incidence among the young couple today. And the reasons for the same might be different for the different couple. Infertility can affect both the males and females. Around 35% of the infertile couples bear causes due to male infertility, 35% due to female infertility, and 20% due to a combination of both.

AIIM and ARC discusses male-infertility and its causes in detail so as to create the perfect awareness about the situations and circumstances that can lead to the same scenario. The main aim of ARC and AIIM is to educate common people about infertility.

Male Infertility Causes

Male infertility can be caused due to different reasons out of which, the prime reasons are
  • Low sperm count
  • Abnormality in the sperm structure
  • Blockages in the vas deferens or associated paths causing infertility, even though sperms may be in good condition.
  • Injuries or ill conditions affecting the male reproductive systems
  • Lifestyle reasons which can affect the reproductive capacity
  • Hormonal variations caused due to different reasons like high intake of junk fast food, illicit steroid usages for bodybuilding, etc
  • Varicocele- the swelling of the veins on testicles
  • Undescended testicles
  • Inherited genetic problems like chromosome disorders
  • Heavy exposure to pollution

When the couple had been trying to conceive a baby through unprotected sex, for more than 1 year, it can be considered the case of infertility. There are different symptoms of male infertility. But, these may not be common for all, or general for all. Ejaculation or erection problems during intercourse, swellings on or around the testicular region are quite a few symptoms among the many.

Yes, the rate of male infertility cases are high, but there are a lot of treatment solutions that can bring out the best results further. Different infertility treatments specialised for males like the Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART), hormonal medications, treatments for sexual intercourse problems etc.

Children are the blessings of God, and we try to bring them to you with the best of its possible ways. Smile wide, for there is no need for worry!
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