Sunday, 29 October 2017

AIIM Conference – Breaking the barriers of subfertility treatment

Nature was built on a simple principle, one that concentrates greatly on diversified growth and propagation. So how do we cope when the law doesn’t seem to go along in our case? Going through a phase of infertility is not easy; in fact it might be one of the toughest, when the waiting for something that means everything to you, keeps being beyond your grasp.

At ARC Infertility and Research Centre, we have witnessed both the pain of being denied what you deserve and the happiness of being granted what have been your greatest dreams, both on the same faces! This has been the inspiration behind the organising of AIIM (ARC InternationalInfertility Medical Meet) conference, to open all doors wide to discuss and spread the knowledge regarding infertility to integrate and improve the treatment techniques.

AIIM conference also aims at propagating the nuances of various treatment techniques and protocols involved in infertility treatment. It is designed to ultimately benefit the hordes of infertile couples and making advanced treatments available to them. The conference, graced with presence of a number of luminaries and experts in the field of the infertility treatment provided the ideal platform to learn from the best.

The beneficiaries…

AIIM conference conducted with the aim of discussing ways to overcome sub fertility with talks and seminars on various topics associated with it. This was aimed to benefit the first line physicians and gynaecologists to access information that would smoothen and fasten their treatment techniques, thereby providing a high rate of success in the procedure.

The conference scope…

AIIM conference covered vast topics involved in infertility from andrology, embryology, reproductive endocrinology, ultrasound imaging, genetics, IVF lab setup, third art reproduction, hysteroscopy and so on to IVF/IUI result optimisation and addressing of challenges that come with infertility treatment practice.

The conference has the accreditation from Tamil Nadu Medical Council and the certificates are CME accredited.

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