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10 Things Most People Don't Know About Infertility

AIIM (Arc international infertility Meet) event held in Chennai on 13th and 14th May aimed at knocking down so many myths surrounding infertility. The speakers at the event were all distinguished in their respective fields. The event was aptly named “Breaking the barrier in sub fertility”. The event was a platform for doctors from diverse fields to share the knowledge, bridge the gaps and synchronise the treatment procedure to get best results for fertility support activities.

It would be enlightening and interesting to look at certain myths surrounding infertility, lies paraded as facts.

1. Ramifications of Infertility for Woman

Infertility is a condition where the woman is unable to conceive and the couple goes childless. The ramifications of being barren woman could be far reaching depending on the culture and tradition. In rural parts of India women who cannot conceive is looked down upon.

2. Understanding Infertility

It’s imperative to know what type of infertility one has before going for treatment. So it’s equally important to consult an expert on infertility. There are primary infertility and secondary infertility. Primary infertility is a condition where couples will not be able to conceive at all. Secondary infertility is found in couples who after having conceived a child and is finding difficulty to conceive again probably due to miscarriage or other factors. The most common factors that cause infertility in woman are problem with ovulation, damage to fallopian tubes or uterus, or problems with cervix.

3. Men do not face infertility issues

This was a myth that was broken recently. Now the whip has been cracked on men as well as the researches points to the fact that one third of the infertility cases can be attributed to male infertility.

4. Age affects only female fertility rate

Age affects male and female infertility rate equally. Most men will start experiencing a decrease in semen volume and motility.

5. Timely treatment for infertility

Emotional support is essential for people undergoing treatment for infertility. Most people hesitate to undergo treatment for infertility because of misleading arguments attached to it. These misnomers need to be knocked down with factual representation of the success rate of undergoing a treatment for infertility.

6. Health does not impact fertility

Health is an important factor that causes infertility in men and women. Modern lifestyle, food habits, stress etc can have a negative impact on fertility. Infertility problems can be addressed by living a healthy life.

7. Infrequent period causes infertility

It may be just that the menstrual cycle is lengthy and the number of times a woman is fertile has decreased.

8. Infertility problems are hereditary

It’s another myth that infertility problems can be due to heredity. The affected person needs to undergo tests to know the exact reason for infertility.

9. Volume of semen indicates fertility

It is the sperm count and not the volume and thickness of the sperm that indicates fertility.

10. Retroverted uterus causes infertility

It is a health issue and not a cause for infertility. Many women are born with retroverted uterus (tipped uterus) and this is normal.

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