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Can Infertility Effect Mental Health ??

Infertility is an inability to conceive naturally and deliver a healthy baby. Around 10-15 % of young couples are affected by infertility and this population is increasing day by day.  Infertility creates a stress in a person life and develops many other problems, such as depression, anger, anxiety, loneliness and marital problems. Since mental health plays an important role in the cure of infertility, it is important to manage the problem.

Why infertility has linked with mental health?

Infertility has linked to the mental health of the person as parenthood is one of the important transitions of a person life and stress of not completing their wish gradually develops negative emotional changes. These emotional changes show their presence in their anger, anxiety, depression, and problems in their married life. These emotional changes develop a fear in a person’s life and they become more worried to conceive.

How infertility effect mental health of male and female?

Infertility shows a high level of distress in a couple’s life. Female has shown more severe distress than males. The feeling of incompetence and defectiveness destroy them from inside and disturb their mental peace. Couple experience marital discord, social isolation, sensory loss, low self-esteem and sexual dysfunction.

What factors influence mental health?

Mental health of an infertile person can influence by several factors.
·         The goal of the Couple’s life is shifted to only having a child.
·         Social pressure
·         Negative impact on sexual life
·         Female desire of having a child

What treatments options are available for mentally disturb people due to infertility?

Infertile couples have many options to conceive but these treatments are expensive and many times not covered by health insurance. In that case, money problem also increases their stress level and affects treatment process. Sometimes, repeated treatment also does not provide significant results and increases depression and stress in a couple’s life. It is important to provide these couples a mental peace while treating their infertility problem so that they can respond well to their infertility problem. These can provide them with
·         Maintain their positive attitude
·         Talk therapy
·         Anti-depression drugs
·         Lower their stress by making them happy
It is desirable to educate the people about infertility and lower their mental stress developed due to infertility.

ARC and AIIM collaboratively provides awareness programs for the couples who are suffering from infertility problems. To know more about the treatment options attend these awareness programs.

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